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Dr. Naman Yadav
Associate Professor
Deptt. Of Physical Education
VSSDPG College Kanpur

Exercises for sports performance and health has been historically well acknowledged but recent resurgence of concern for fitness, health and well being has greatly promoted in maintaining the physical fitness for maintaining the performance in the competitions and health . As in view of Complex relationship of body and mind, the philosophy of the ‘overall fitness’ is based on physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects. According to modern thoughts general components include cardiovascular fitness, Strength, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility and body composition. The skill related components have been identified as coordinative ability, balance, speed, power, and reaction time. Accordingly, the benefits of fitness has been increasing day by day resulting in opening of health clubs and fitness saloons besides accepting it in our education curriculum.
Key words: Cardiovascular fitness, Coordinative abilities, Speed, Strength, Endurance, Power, Flexibility.
Millions of people of all ages in the existing world participate in sports games or any physical abilities to stay fit and healthy. Now a days we are living in a time where interest of common people of the country in games, sports, and other activity has been higher. The common people of the country wants not only to participate in sports games or other physical activity to keep them fit and healthy but also participate for competitive purpose. Due to interest and active participation in sports games and other physical activities, the knowledge about health, injury and illness have been increased.
When the individual has decided to carry out an exercise programme, it cannot be taken lightly. The exercise programme becomes an important part of their life as well as for their performance in competitions and they do exercise without any question. It has been realized that fitness adds not only years to give better results in the tournaments, but also adds a lot of happiness and healthy life.
Simple exercise includes: Calisthenics, free hand exercises, sport/games and more formal activates such as jogging, swimming and running, in other way we can define exercise as “Any set of movement designed to train or improve a skill” or We can say, Exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. It is performed for various reasons, to aid growth and improve strength, preventing aging, developing muscles and the cardiovascular system, enhancing athletic skills, weight loss or maintenance, improving health and also for enjoyment.
Schedule of Exercise:
– One should do exercises or start physical exercises at least two to two and half hours before the evening meal. The late afternoon exercise provides a good change of pace at the end of the workday and helps dissolve the day’s worries and tensions.
– Another important and most popular time for exercise is early morning. Early start of day with exercise makes people more alert and energetic.
– When you plan your exercise programme you should consider these factors, personal preference, Nature of job, family responsibility, Exercise facilities and the weather because there are factors that can affect, cancel or interrupt your daily demands of your time.
– No exercise just after eating.
– Pay special attention when you exercise during extreme hot, cold and humid weather.
– Rules of Exercise:
– Physical Examination: – Before selecting and choosing or planning exercise programme, an individual should obtain a proper physical examination from the doctor so the individual will know his or her limitations, this limitation can help to select suitable activities.
– Entertaining Activity:- An individual should choose an activity that gives chance to enjoy. Some individuals prefer exercising alone, , others enjoy the company and they enjoy workout with the partners.
– Timing:- Set proper time for exercise. It is best to start at three sessions per week, and then increase gradually according to ability, and availability of time. Most people set their exercise time every day, this helps them get into the habit of working out. Apart from this avoid exercise in excessive heat and cold climate.
– Time Spent :- The amount of the time of exercise is play significant role to have fit and healthy body. According to experts the ideal duration is 30 minutes of continuous activity. Some people find it necessary to begin with 10 to 15 minutes and Build-up. Except for those who train for competition. It is not necessary to spend many hours a day exercising where as spend time wisely for the exercises.
– Pace of Exercise:- Intensity of exercise varies greatly depending on individual age, sex, fitness level and medical condition. Many experts of the medical sciences have suggested aerobic exercise as suitable and beneficial for most persons. It can be geared to an individual’s fitness level and increased his/her ability to work. Aerobic exercise should be done at least. Three times a week. It helps to achieve cardiovascular fitness – a strong and healthy heart, lungs and blood vessels. The Best Form of aerobic exercise includes brisk walking, swimming, jogging, rope jumping, rowing and dance etc.
– Extra Exercise:- An individual can add additional activity with his/her daily planned exercise programme. Like take a walk instead of using Bike or Car for purchasing and marketing, use the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Do some kinds of gardening work with manual techniques. These are the some additional activities that can help to maintain fitness and health.
– Variation in Activity:- Monotonous kills working habits. It is observed that individual feels boring while doing the same type of exercise for long period of time, doing the same type of activity again and again develops losing interest in the exercises. So to avoid monotonous activity as it is very important for an individual to plan his/her activity programme and time to time change the activity accordingly as per your requirement and interest.
Advantages of Exercise:
Exercise programme is not just for preparing international sportsman or women. Regular exercise plays an important role in staying fit and healthy.
Regular exercise also improves individual body image and increase energy level. It helps to control weight and reduces stress. If individual committed to do exercise and combine with balance diet can help to provide the sense of well-being and can help to prevent chronic illness disability and premature death. Some important advantages are: 1. Good Health (efficient heart and lungs, control body weight, blood pressure, lower cholesterol, minimum risk of diabetes and heart disease), 2. Good appearance (proper body shape, toned muscles, grace in pace, elegance in movement, confidence etc.) 3. Increase well-being (energetic, no stress, , mentally sharp. quick decision, good concentration etc.)
Other important Benefits:
1. Exercise maintains muscle tone, 2. Exercise relieves nervous tensions and provides relaxation, 3. Exercise aids digestion, 4. Exercise helps to control obesity, 5. Exercise improves Functioning of Lungs, 6. Exercise helps to add strength, endurance help in performing daily tasks with less fatigue, 7. Better and graceful movement, 8. Exercise helps to maintain health of the heart and Blood vessels, 9. Exercise helps in Building a desirable self-concept etc.
Few Tips for Exercising Safely
– Regular Medical examination .
– Select a sport or an activity for exercise if possible nearby the house.
– After 40 years cut-down “explosive nature of exercise or sports”.
– Follow “A little today and a little more tomorrow” rules.
– Encourage person to exercise “out of doors” if possible.
– Choose a suitable activity.
– Encourage people to give their full attention to the activity and leave their worries at the office or the home.
– Use essential protective equipments.
– Listen to your body.
– Conclusion:
Every sports require specific type of exercises to get good results in the competitions. Thus there are certain group of exercises that dominate in different games in a different way to give better performance in the sports arena. One of the best ways to obtain physical fitness is exercise. In trying to lose weight or wanting to improve one’s physical fitness as well as your well-being and quality of life, exercise might be the best choice for you. Exercise is generally acknowledged to be important for weight control, strengthening bones and muscles and increased stamina. Nevertheless, the benefits of exercise transcend these common facts to many other aspects of health and wellness. Other reasons why you should exercise include a reduced the risk of disease, increased brain health, improved energy, sleep and, in the end, a longer life.

As the people undertake the exercise programme to develop good health, it is very important to understand their present fitness level. Fitness level is an individual quality that differs from person to person. Fitness level also influenced by age, sex, heredity, habits, exercise and eating habits, diet, attitude about life, family, professional social pressure, tension, stress and anxiety etc. Exercise offers incredible benefits that can improve nearly every aspect of your health from the inside out. Regular physical activity can increase the production of hormones that make you feel happier and help you sleep better. Thus, Regular exercise can make you look better. Whether you want to lose weight, improve muscle tone, increase muscle mass or simply maintain your current physique, exercise often paired with a healthy, well-balanced diet – can do the trick. By keeping your body well-conditioned, one can win medals in the competitions as well as can keep himself or herself fit to live a healthy life. Thus we can understand the importance of exercise for the sports as well as for happy life.

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