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The Distinctiveness of Indian Concept of Secularism Or In Defense of Theoretical Foundation of Indian Secularism

The Distinctiveness of Indian Concept of Secularism Or In Defense of Theoretical Foundation of Indian Secularism

Dr. Kaushlendra Kumar Singh
Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
Jawaharlal Nehru Smarak P G College, Barabanki
Pawan Kumar
Ph.D. Scholar


Centre forStudies and Research in Gandhian Thought and Peace
This article is an attempt to defend some theoretical aspects of Indian secularism. Secularism is one of the main politicalideologies of the post-colonial state in India. Itdebated scholarly as well as politically. In India secularism debate is centered on some important questions such as;isthe Indian state ‘secular’ according to the western definition of the secularism; isthe Indian state strictly separate from religion? In this context this article tries to explicate specific conceptual structure of Indian secularism. This article is divided into three sections. In the first section, it outlines some important critiques of secularism and explicates important theoretical aspects of secularism. In the second section, it lay down the specific variant of ‘Indian secularism’ embedded in Indian constitution. Then, it will identify different version of secularism and explicates its relevance in dealing with state and religion. X Inter-communal domination means when within a community one group want to dominate other group of people.
On the basis of these core features I can say that Indian secularism has developed its own model of secularism which is a complex and multi-value doctrine. There may be external threat to its secular identity when it practices badly? Which is not its conceptual problem? Because take for instance, we should learn to make a distinction between science and the way science is used.

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