ISSN- 2278-4519
RNI : UPBIL/2012/44732
We promote high quality research in diverse fields. There shall be a special category for invited review and case studies containing a logical based idea.

Author’s Guidelines

  1. Manuscript (MS) should be with covering letter, copyright transfer letter and List of reviewers (Optional).
  2. Article processing fee should be submitted with MS.
  3. Submitted papers should not have been published elsewhere or being currently under consideration by any other journal.
  4. Kruti Dev 010, Aerial should be in Hindi & English and print copy (duplicate) on A4 Sized papers, only on one side, with 1.6” Top, 2.2” Bottom and 1.4” margin on left and right sides with soft copy in CD in MS Word, or PM-7 should be submitted. Kindly keep the total number of pages as even.
  5. Articles for consideration are to be directed to the executive editor.
  6. If author(s) are more than three then at least one of them must subscribed journal.
  7. Last date for submission for articles is 30th May for July issue and 30th November for January Issues.
  8. The layout of the MS should be :
  9. Title of the Paper, Author (s) Name and Address, abstract (nearly 250 words), Keywords (5-6), Introduction, Materials and Methodology, Results and Discussion, Appendixes, Acknowledgements and References.
  10. The title should be centered across the top of first page and should have a font of 14 points Arial font & 16 points Kruti Dev 010 font. It should be in a bold font and in lower case with initial capitals.
  11. The author’s names and addresses should be centered below the title. These lines should be 8 points Arial font.
  12. The abstract should summarize the content of the paper. Try to keep the abstract below 250 words. Do not have references or displayed equations in the abstract. It will be set in 9 point Arial italic font & Krudit Dev 010, Point 13 with 1.9” margin on right and left side in justify format paragraph. It will be at one line space after name and address of authors.
  13. Appendixes, If needed, appear before the acknowledgment.
  14. Insert acknowledgement, If any, Sponsors and financial support acknowledgements are also placed here.
  15. Citation of references should be as given below in 10 points Arial font and in text they must be cited by their number in [] in sequence :

For Book                          : [1]      Name, Surname, “Book Title”,  Press, Place,

Year, URL (Website Address).

For Journal Paper          : [2]      Name Surname, “Journal Paper Title”, Journal

Name, Vol. X(Y),, year. URL (Website address).

For Project/ thesis           : [3]      Name, surname, “Dissertation Title”, M.S. or

(Ph.D) thesis, Department, University, City, Country, Year. URL (Website address)

For Confer. Paper           : [4]      Name, Surname,”Conference Paper Title”, Vol.

X (Y), pp. xxx-xxx, Year. URL (website address)

For website                           : [5]      Name, Surname, “Journal Paper Title,” Journal

Name, Vol. X(Y), pp. xxx-xxx, Year. URL (website address)

  • Y denotes the no. of issue for the volume.
  1. For further information see the latest copy of the journal.
  2. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission from the owners of the copyright while reproducing any material which has already been published elsewhere.
  3. Send your manuscript to : Dr. Praveen Kumar, Executive Editor , 34 Rama Enclave Bulandshahr 203001 (UP) India Ph.-09456047263, E-mail:,
  4. D.D/Ch. (Only at par Ch.) may be drawn in favour of “Lohia Sodh Manch” payable at Bareilly or deposit in a/c 1221010069766 of United Bank of India (IFS Code UTBI0BRY541)

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