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An Analytical Study of Agricultural products with special reference to District Hardoi

Dr. Achyut Kumar Yadav
Ashish Royal Park, Bareilly

Hardoi district falls in central Uttar Pradesh bordering State capital Lucknow. The district is surrounded by Shahjahanpur district and Lakhimpur Kheri in north, Farrukhabad in west, Sitapur in east and Unnao & Lucknow in south. The nineteen main blocks of the district are Harpalpur, Bharkhani, Sandi, Bilgram, Madhoganj, Pihani, Sahabad, Todarpur, Hariyawan, Sandeela, Kachauna. Kothawan, Bharawan and Behender. The main rivers of the district are Ganga, Ramganga, Gurrah, Sai and Gomti. The majority of population is living in rural areas. The district has 70% of the area under cultivation. The net sown area is around 4.20 Lakh hectare with 3.74 Lakh hectare (88.8 %) under irrigation. More than 75% of the land holdings are less than one hectare in size.1 The core sector of economy in the district continues to be agriculture. The three main cropping seasons in the district are Kharif, Rabi and Zaid. Sugarcane is the main cash crop and is grown in large parts of the district. The other crops raised in the district include wheat, paddy, maize, pulses and oilseeds. Main fruits grown are mango and guava. 2 Geographically, the district can be divided in three zones namely, Western Tarai, Middle plains and Northern High plains. Land development is one of the important activities that increase agricultural productivity. This activity includes reclamation of waterlogged area, flood prone area and salt affected soil. The various land  development activities that can be taken up to improve the quality of the land are on farm development work like land leveling and bunding, land reclamation, watershed development and incorporation of organic manure (including vermicompost) and alternate land use system. Some of the major constraints being faced in the district are non-availability of timely and adequate supply of quality inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, veterinary services and market for agricultural products. Regular electricity, transport, skilled labour, and market need to be provided for the development of the district.

Major Food,Horticulture and Commercial Crops -Major Food,Horticulture and Commercial Crops -Wheat, paddy, maize, mustard, urad, sugarcane, mango, guava, etcIndustries– Sugar mills- Rice mills- Agro-based industry- Oil expellers

Lack of regular electricity supply is a major hindrance in the expansion of area under different crops. There is good scope for the development of the fisheries, bio- fertilizers, medicinal and aromatic plants. Lack of regular electricity supply is a major hindrance in the expansion of area under different crops. There is good scope for the development of the fisheries, bio- fertilizers, medicinal and aromatic plants.In the non farm sector, agro processing is the main activity in the form of with rice mills, dal mills, sugar mills and oil extraction units. Conclusion:The chilling capacity is inadequate. Training and extension facilities are arranged, however, there is a need to make arrangement for better breeds of animals and also organizing cattle fairs etc to mobilize farmers. There uis also requirement of refrigerated vans and milk processing plant in the district so that milk and milk products can be procured for longer duration. Some measures are to be taken to increase the agricultural growth and crop productivity in hardoi district. Such as unleveled farmland are to be and some chemical treatment is to be done in salt affected areas. Inadequate supplies of electricity and irrigation facilities are to be looked upon. Scientific storage structure and awareness among farmers about ongoing government schemes is to be introduced. Medicinal and aromatic plants may be new emerging area of crop cultivation in this district. As average land holding is small and profitability is more.

References:1- Gazetteer of District hardoi. 2- Soochana Patrika Hardoi.3- Different plans published by NABARD, Department of Agricultre U.P. 4- Official website of government of U.P. and department of agriculture.

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